Further press cuts

Press cuts:

We can add various press cuts to your cards, for example a hole stamping or a eurohole stamping.

Hole stamping

hole stamping


Eurohole stamping

eurohole stamping


Layouts :

Besides the standard plastic cards we can offer you plastic cards in many more shapes, e.g key tags, maxi cards (ebooks) or individual shapes.


A loyalty card or gift card must not always have a standard layout. We can adapt it individually to your artworks and requests.

Of course we can also produce cards with a non-standard layout with various specifications. Starting with eurohole stamping up to personalisation or multiple printing effects.


A further popular kind of plastic card is a so called key-tag card. It can either consist of two or more key-tags or of a standard card with key-tags. These small plastic cards have a punch hole to fix it – how you can imagine due to the name ´key-tag´ – on a bunch of keys.

With the help of a printed customer ID or something similar the key-tag can help to relate and bring back a lost key to the owner. A further possibility is to equip a family with several cards, which have all the same customer ID or bar code.