• Silkscreen-printing

With a metallic glitter (gold or silver) which is printed on the plastic card by silk-screen printing you can make your card look more high-grade. The card can be printed completely or partly with glitter:





Furthermore you can choose the intensity of the glitter effect

  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Strong

Pearlescent / transparent glitter

Another possibility to refine your card is by pearlescent (white glitter) or by transparent glitter.



transparent glitter

transparent glitzer


cold foil stamping (metallic foil)

With the process of cold foil stamping a foil is stuck on the plastic card. With this method we can reach an effect of refinement. In contrast to the hot foil stamping no high temperature or additional tool is needed. Due to the possibility to overprint the cold foil with conventional, UV- or hybrid printing ink we can create new metallic colour shades. Even with one silver foil varied different colour shades can be generated. For example, a warm gold tone can be produced by overprinting the foil with parts of yellow and Magenta.


Spot paint / tactile effect

We can reach a special effect with the spot paint. Different regions of a matt laminated card are highlighted with glossy laminated areas. Of course the process can be turned: matt laminated areas on a glossy card.

matt card with glossy spots


glossy card with matt spots



Fragrance cards

By rubbing the card slightly a discreet fragrance is released. We can finish your card with standard fragrances like chocolate, strawberry, coffee or Lemon.


  • Jeans look

  • Mirror effect

  • 3D glitter

  • Flocking