Our polyolefin foil is perfectly suitable for numerous purposes of use.

We produce high-quality foils, which resist high speed and can be shrinked at lower temperatures. Our foils with several dimensions are used for any number of sectors.

We are sure to have the appropriate polyolefin foil for you in our product range.


Flexible packaging

With our flexible packaging we also fulfill highest quality standards. The flexible packaging is used in the varying lines of business.

For the production of your packaging you can select between different material.

We can manufacture both on rolls and pouch fabrication.

At any time you can send us an enquiry for your individual packaging.


Shrink sleeves

A lot of customers use shrink sleeves as an all around advertising space for their product.

We at United Products produce shrink sleeves from different materials and in several thicknesses.

Shrinking is possible up to 68 percent.

You can choose between shrink sleeves with matt, glossy, opaque or transparent optics.

There is for sure something suitable for you in this selection.