Print preparation

In print preparation extraordinary wishes belong to our specialities because we have our own design and graphic departement. With pleasure our colour management also checks your presentations and proposals.

We are equipped with workflow ESKO – GRAFIKS Scope, Mactintosh and the best personnel to create the basics for the perfect print results.

We discuss every step and we do not produce without your approval. For you and your Projects we are the best partner. For you we exceed the European standard.

Entire colour management system:

  • Barco- Esko graphic arts
  • automated digital work routine
  • digital records for very high-class reproduction
  • multi substrates printing form

Print and refining

Our long-standing high-qualitiy print experience stamps of course our Know – How. We can cover the whole spectrum of labels and all products in the area, because we recognise the possibilities of today’s technology offers. Who has made itself quite clever in these areas knows which status the production machine Gallus UV Flexo Servo drive press (with up to 8 colours/motives) coming from Switzerland has in the branch. This machine is at the newest state of technology. By its automatic register control it has the ability to position the colours perfectly during the print process. In addition, it is possible to adapt and convert the machine according to requirements (e.g. delivery in rolls or curve form) fastly.


  • the best quality (no colour divergences in print)
  • flexo print
  • silk-screen
  • hot foil stamping
  • cold foil stamping
  • string lamination
  • reverse printing
  • print on adhestive surface
  • roll to roll
  • roll on sheet
  • roll fanfolded

Other machines with those we produce:

  • cutting machine for etiquettes
  • controlling machines from the USA
  • packing machine (e.g. coffee-to-go cups in foil) from France
  • lid punch from Germany
  • paper cup machine from Germany