Our polyolefin foils are shrinking foils of high quality. The products can be perfectly presented and protected. The foils are used in the industry sector as well as in the consumer goods sector.

Our product portfolio is verified and optimal for the most important uses.


Foils and production types


Glacier foils are shrinking foils of high quality for the protection and presentation of your product. The foil is perfectly usable as packaging for retail goods, e. g. CDs, books, calendars, cosmetics, electronic components, toys etc.

Glacier Plus:

  • Multi-layered Polyolefin foil
  • Especially for demanding uses
  • Key capacities: resistance and perfect shrinking
  • Due to high tear resistance especially suitable for heavy products

Glacier Speed:

  • biaxial stretched foil with high shrinking level
  • particular for the use for high-speed machines and automatic packaging machines
  • faster shrinking at low temperatures
  • more economic production guaranteed
  • excellent sealing capacities


Glacier Anti Fog:

  • high efficient shrinking foil with anti-fog effect
  • perfect packaging foil for products which have to be cooled
  • packaging for fresh fruits, vegetables and other food


Production types:

  • centre-fold
  • flat foil




  • 12,5 µm
  • 15,0 µm
  • 19,0 µm
  • 25,0 µm


  • 152,4 mm up to 914,4 mm
  • Other widths are possible, please send us your inquiry!


Range of application

Polyolefin foil can be used for the most various ranges of application and sectors.

  • Multiple packaging for advertising specialty
  • Books and stationery
  • Electronic components
  • cosmetics
  • toys
  • boxes
  • bread, pizza, vegetables and other food
  • Every kind of product with irregular form, look etc.



  • Boxes every form
  • High level of shrinking
  • Does not distort the appearance of the product
  • Excellent clear-sight
  • Brilliant gloss after shrinking
  • Extremely robust, solid and tearproof