Gift cards in diverse versions of concept

  • For own use: Card is bought and encashed by the same person
  • As a present: Card is bought and encashed by different persons
  • Fixed value: card has a fixed value
  • Flexible value: flexible charging is possible
  • Not rechargeable: card is invalid when the worth is encashed
  • rechargeable: card is rechargeable when the worth is encashed


Advantages of gift cards

… from a commercial point of view

  • Low costs of process for converting the gift cards at the POS and Backoffice
  • Remaining credit on your account after expiration of the cards (Breakage)
  • Pre-financing with turnover without immediate
  • quick cashflow


… from the marketing point of view

  • advertising at the Point-of-Sales
  • additional turnover by cross-selling action (lift up effect)
  • new sales opportunity by third party distribution in retail market, online or mobile
  • active support by promotion cards with little worth / validity
  • fast dispersion
  • Acquisition of new customers and winning over the custoer by attractive card design
  • Multiplicity of card layouts / shapes possible


… from the technical point of view

  • Handling without paper reduces the transaction effort significantly
  • Permanent availability of actual and total balances of the cards (real-time)