Apply a card on a carrier

  • Glue dot / adhesive label
    We can apply your card on an appropriate card carrier by using a glue dot. You have also the possibility to provide your plastic card or the card carrier with an adhesive label. Therefore the customer can decide which card he wants to combine with which card carrier.

    For the glue dot and the adhesive label you can choose between the following adhesive intensities:

    Abziehbar (Easy)

    • Deductible (Easy)
    • Deductible / semi-permanent (Easy Mid)
    • semi-permanent (Mid)
    • permanent (Ultra)


  • Slot press-cuts
    Our company also offers the possibility to fix your card without any adhesive. For this purpose slot press-cuts are the perfect solution. Appropriate slots are cut in the card carrier to insert the plastic card. The card is perfectly fixed on the card carrier and can be removed easily.

Various press-cuts

Due to various punches our card carriers can be directly presented at the point of sale.


Individual shapes and sizes of press-cuts according to your desires are possible at any time. Besides the press-cuts for hanging the card carrier we can also offer other press-cuts, for example bar code windows. So you can scan the bar code directly on the back side of the plastic card without removing the card from the carrier.



Perforation is horizontal as well as vertical possible. With this perforation it is possible for the customer to separate the upper part of the card carrier by using the Euro Hole Punch. The card carrier can directly be given as a present. Another version of the perforation is for example to separate the form of an application.



On the card carrier we can add grooves according to your specification. Now the customer can easily fold the carrier and he has a nice product to give as a present.



Our company can offer you at any time card carrier with personalisation, for example bar code or QR code. There are no limits for size or position.